MATTER 360° – Repurposing Medical Equipment in Tanzania & Beyond

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“I became pregnant shortly after the opening of the Father Patrick Peyton Healthcare Centre. Every time I came here to the prenatal clinic, I left hopeful that my life and that of my babies were safe. I will remain grateful for the unparalleled care that I received at the facility. I am now the happy mum of [...]

Expanding Access to Health in Ethiopia

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About 150 miles west of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, lay the remote town of Shashemene. In this town, there are only two small hospitals to support a population of 153,000 people and nearby communities. Nearly 85% of Ethiopians live in rural towns like this with little to no access to healthcare, resulting in preventable [...]

Expanding Access to Health in Somalia

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Did you know Minnesota, is home to the largest Somali-American population in the United States? Several of today's Republic of Somalia’s government officials have received their education at the University of Minnesota. After experiencing the exceptional access to healthcare in 'Medical Alley', the local Somali-American community intends to bring similar access back to their native [...]

The Gorgui Dieng Project: Senegal Phase 2

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Senegal is a country well known for their legendary Griots - young men who have passed down the generational West African tradition of storytelling. Early this May, the Griots living in the rural town of Kébémer, Senegal, will have a new story to pass down for many generations to come: the arrival of two 40-foot [...]

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