Ten Companies Collaborate and Make a Difference: The MATTER Intern Event!

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On July 19, 2018, ten companies joined forces to do good by offering their interns a chance to impact the community through a large, exciting event at Target Field! Hosted by MATTER, more than 440 motivated and energized interns packed approximately 7,000 healthy MATTERbox meals. The participating interns also had the opportunity to connect with [...]

MATTERbox Activates Healthy Eating Nationwide

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During the week of February 26th, hundreds of students and volunteers at 50 college campuses in 26 states packed 30,000 healthy snack packs and distributed them throughout their communities, kicking off the first-ever nationwide MATTERbox packing event. MATTER partnered with Cheerios and Ellen Degeneres' One Million Acts of Good and Chartwells to activate healthy eating in [...]

Payments for Change – Every Swipe Matters

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Persolvent is on a mission to make life easier through innovation and technology. Their new social division, Payments for Change, is taking this to a whole new level. By donating 50% of all processing profits, they connect the business world to the nonprofit world through a sustainable give-back model. This simple act transforms the way [...]

MN Vikings Break MATTERbox Record

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Although the season doesn’t kick off for another month, Minnesota Vikings fans and players alike are already showing their purple pride at Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, MN. The Vikings are taking a stand to expand access to healthy foods in the community. Teaming up with Matter turned out to be the play of [...]

InSports Foundation uses MATTERbox in Summer Sports Camp

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All kids desire and deserve to be active. Unfortunately, monetary constraints oftentimes prevent the formation of a healthy active lifestyle, leading to problems later in life. With over 328,500 Minnesota students receiving free and reduced lunches during the school year and over 250,000 missing meals during the summer months, the issue of scarcity is far [...]

MATTERbox Madness: Patterson Edition

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Team Building, Strategic Planning & Community Impact Collide Patterson is a ‘Company that Matters’ who recognizes that the power to make a difference within their community and around the globe is in their own two hands. Patterson leveraged a recent conference to challenge their finance teams to give back in a big way. In the [...]

MATTERbox Madness 2016

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https://youtu.be/A87fJAC6uTY The air buzzed with the spirit of competition as teams arrived at the #teamMATTER Experience Center, ready to face off in three 15-minute ‘MATTERbox Packing Heats’. Local Minnesota companies were about to go head-to-head for the revered title of ‘2016 MATTERbox Madness Champions’. These companies were Novo Nordisk, Payments for Change, A&D, and [...]

Cargill Food Madness

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https://youtu.be/Pty2GyQPEy8 The weather was cold and dreary outside, but inside the #teamMATTER Experience Center the competition was just beginning to heat up. Nine teams of 10-15 employees, each competing for the coveted title of “Cargill Food Madness Champions of 2016”. The competition was comprised of four 20-minute “heats”. It was clear by the energy [...]

Driven to What Matters Most: Part 2

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The highly anticipated delivery of the Cambria fire truck in David, Panama had finally come. As the jetliner descended Nancy Jerdee - Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shelly Nelson - Vice President of Marketing, and MATTER’s President - Quenton Marty had little idea of the celebration that lay ahead of them. Upon stepping out into [...]

Employee Engagement 101: Heads, Hands & Hearts

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Just for the record, we are by no means Human Resource experts. We do not have advanced training or degrees in Human Resource Management, Talent Development or Retention. No one on our team has worked extensively in talent acquisition. BUT, we've had the unique opportunity to see almost 5,000 volunteers come through our doors every [...]

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