Chaya Co-ops: Connecting Women, Improving Health, Growing a Future

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We are currently in the next phase of our Chaya Project in Zimbabwe, raising $50,000 to establish ten women’s farming cooperatives throughout the country. The goal of these co-ops is to train the women on how to grow, propagate and cook Chaya to improve their families’ health and nutrition. The long-term plan is to show [...]

Growing Chaya and Community: Sandi Young’s You Matter Story

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On this Give to the Max Day, we’re kicking off the next phase of our Chaya campaign in Zimbabwe aimed at empowering women to feed their families, through growing Chaya and community. Our goal is to raise $50,000 toward the establishment of ten women’s farm co-ops around the country. The $5,000 per site cost includes [...]

Chaya Tree Campaign: Incredible Response Towards Supporting Womens’ Co-ops

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Earlier this month, we launched the second phase of our Chaya campaign to improve the health of the people of Zimbabwe. In our first phase, we planted 75,000 trees throughout the country. In this second phase, we’ll partner with 20 women’s co-ops, giving them the tools and resources they need to grow Chaya and feed [...]

Earth Day: Plant a Chaya Tree | Fight Climate Change in Zimbabwe

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Today is Earth Day, a day set aside to commit ourselves to be better stewards of this amazing planet we live on. It’s also the perfect day to celebrate the incredible Chaya tree and its impact on the people and environment in Zimbabwe. We’ve already told you about the enormous nutritional benefits of the Chaya [...]

Chaya Tree Nutrition: 15,000 Trees Planted In Zimbabwe

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Last November MATTER launched the Chaya Tree Story, the vision of donors Sandi Young and Susan Block, with the goal of planting 15,000 Chaya trees in Zimbabwe to increase the health of communities through Chaya's nutrition benefits. Because of the amazing generosity of our donors and supporters, all 15,000 trees are now in the ground! Training [...]

The Chaya Tree Story: Plant A Tree. Change A Life.

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Zimbabwe is suffering from one of the country’s worst droughts in 40 years. For the women of Zimbabwe who are responsible to grow the food that feeds their families, hopelessness is setting in. Their small garden plots are parched and barren; their livestock dying. In a country once considered the breadbasket of Africa, 650,000 of [...]

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