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Smart Nutrition is Fun!

One of the biggest challenges for families today is eating healthy. With the ease of fast food and the abundance of cheap, processed foods, busy families often choose convenience over nutrition. Enter Chef Marshall O’Brien. His mission is to educate and empower people to achieve quality lives through smart […]

MATTERbox Madness is Coming!

The countdown is on! Only two more weeks until MATTERbox Madness descends on the Mall of America. This year, MATTERbox Madness is teaming up with the 5 Eyewitness News Summer Harvest for Kids campaign to help ensure that Minnesota’s kids are fueled up and getting the nutrition they need […]

Revitalizing Farms to Regenerate a Nation

On August 10-15, 2018, MATTER will host an innovative agriculture conference at the Gorgui Dieng Center for Agricultural Excellence in Kebemer, Senegal. Regenerate Senegal will be an interactive conference to explore effective strategies to increase productivity of farms and soils in Senegal, and create an ecologically stable crop resource. A […]

Building A Home That Matters

At MATTER, we are committed to finding innovative ways to forward our mission to expand access to health. Whether it’s through our unique You MATTER snack packs for kids in our local community or a custom-designed surgical pod in Congo, we are determined to find creative, meaningful ways to meet […]

MATTER Insight Trips: Making the Human Connection in Haiti

“We all want to know and be known. That’s why doing good is so powerful when the focus is first and foremost the people and not the project.” – Author Chris Marlow

MATTER’s donors are some of the most generous, kind and compassionate people on earth. Their commitment to MATTER’s vision […]

UnitedHealth Group Provides Health and Hope with You MATTER Snack Packs

MATTER’S mission is to expand access to health, next door and around the world. One of the ways we do this is through our  innovative MATTERbox program which educates and empowers people towards healthier eating. But it takes community effort to make this a reality, so we are always grateful […]

Volunteers MATTER!

During National Volunteer Week, we at MATTER want to express just how much we value and appreciate each and every volunteer that helps make our mission possible!  One of the ways that volunteers engage with MATTER is through our “Companies That MATTER” program. At the foundation of every thriving community are companies that […]

Bismack Biyombo and MATTER Team Up for Congo

The NBA’s Bismack Biyombo and MATTER are teaming up to elevate health in Congo. 

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a nation in crisis. Years of political turmoil are giving rise to increasing waves of violence throughout the country, creating a humanitarian […]

Eddy Cyphers: The Adventure of Serving Others

MATTER can only do the life-changing work we do because of the incredible support of our volunteers, those people who believe in MATTER’s mission and give of their time, energy and resources to help make that mission a reality.

One of these remarkable volunteers is Eddy Cyphers. Eddy contacted MATTER last […]

MATTERbox Activates Healthy Eating Nationwide

During the week of February 26th, hundreds of students and volunteers at 50 college campuses in 26 states packed 30,000 healthy snack packs and distributed them throughout their communities, kicking off the first-ever nationwide MATTERbox packing event.

MATTER partnered with Cheerios and Ellen Degeneres’ One Million Acts of Good and […]