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Thank you for your support of MATTER and our global mission to increase access to health, a mission now more critical than ever.

MATTER has rapidly mobilized to respond to the current health challenges with the resources and urgency required in a global crisis of this magnitude.

How Are We Responding? 

Sending Medical Relief

  • When we learned of the outbreak in Wuhan, China, MATTER sent face masks immediately. And, as the virus hit the United States, we have worked with hospitals, community clinics, first responders, paramedics, and fire departments, to distribute needed masks and other personal protection supplies.
  • More than 50 containers of hospital equipment, medical supplies, and relief meals have also been shipped to international partners around the globe.

Distributing Healthy Meals

  • We are focusing on sending MATTERbox meals to local communities, as well as across the country, for those in need of healthy food during this time, including children out of school, essential workers, people experiencing homelessness, and seniors who are isolated from the community. Since the pandemic hit, nearly 200,000 meals have been distributed through trusted community partners throughout Minnesota and the United States.
  • Our team quickly created a MATTERbox Volunteer Kit allowing individuals and families to pack MATTERbox Snack Packs in their homes and distribute to those in need. Hundreds of volunteers have ordered, packed and distributed these kits since launching this effort in the spring.
  • Partnering with General Mills and their Good Goes Round program, more than 40,000 meals have been distributed via Chartwells dining locations on college campuses throughout the nation. These meals have gone to students moving into emergency housing, local nonprofits, and others needing assistance.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach Ryan Saunders and his wife, Hayley Saunders, donated and partnered with MATTER and the Boys & Girls Club of the Twin Cities to support our local community. The Saunders’ donation provides 10,000 healthy MATTERbox Snack Packs to be distributed to children through the Mount Airy and Jerry Gamble Boys & Girls Club locations.

Where Have We Responded?

Ways To Get Involved

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Would you please consider making a special contribution to MATTER so we can continue to meet these unprecedented challenges?

Our founders, Dennis and Megan Doyle, responded to the Hurricane Katrina crisis 15 years ago as this organization began its work.

Today, Dennis and Megan continue to stand behind us with a $10,000 match for contributions to the COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Put the “DO” In Donate  Order. Pack. Give.

Both safe and fun, the MATTERbox Volunteer Kit is designed for easy packing at home or office so individuals, families or small groups can pack 50 healthy MATTERbox Snacks Packs and distribute them to kids out of school, seniors, or anyone who might be vulnerable at this time.

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News coverage of our COVID-19 response. 

MATTER in Action

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